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      Welcome to my website and welcome to my home to study Chinese.  I'm a highly experienced Chinese teacher with a master's degree and I have taught Chinese as a foreign language for 7 years. I'm interested in studying teaching materials and methods, and have developed a charming and fun home education atmosphere aimed at immersing you in Chinese culture. I can explain language in easy-to-understand terms. I have a passion for the Chinese language and teach with energy, enthusiasm and patience.

I teach with the New Practical Chinese Reader and other books such as Business Chinese, Developing Chinese and Spoken Chinese. I will provide you with five hours of Chinese lessons plus another hour's free practice per day. Our classroom will be on the streets, supermarkets, shops, hospitals, banks, the post office, book stores, restaurants, parks or in the large squares. You will learn a lot more and much faster than in a traditional classroom.  In the free practice hour we can go shopping, view other sites or I can just help you with homework.

  I live in Xi'an city where my husband and I share a big apartment.  We are at home everyday. My apartment includes three bedrooms, a dining room, living room, kitchen and two bathrooms.  You can  take a shower at any time and my home has high-speed broadband and wireless connection.   I have two computers which are available for your use, and I have air cleaners, I will cook for you.  The food is inclusive and includes fruits, dishes, rice, noodles, congee, soup and bread.  I can cook more than forty different delicious dishes.

  I will take you to visit the Terra-Cotta Warriors, The Wild Goose Pagoda, The Old City Wall,  Lotus Palace of Tang or any other sights or places you want to visit. I will accompany you to do shopping or anything else. I can teach you to write with traditional Chinese brushes and do Tai Chi, and I can teach you how to make jiaozi and zongzi.

All of the above is $70 a day!

Xi'an is a famous ancient capital city. 13 dynasties chose Xi'an as their captial city. There are many historic spots and interesting places. If you want to understand Chinese history, please come to Xi'an. Xi'an is also a modern metropolis, you'll have a wonderful time here. Please feel free to contact me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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